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La hora del vermut is a treasured tradition. It occurs between 12:00 - 15:00 (before Catalan lunchtime) and is always shared with friends and family - no business here! Cause just like the drink itself, La hora del vermut is essentially a social event. It's a time to catch up, share, and laugh. 

Vinga, ho intentem!

It's weekend, not quite time for lunch, but time to awaken your appetite. A few friendly faces appear. You exchange hugs and kisses and head inside. You squeeze around a tiny table - the ritual has begun. 

The vermut arrives at the table. You enjoy it as it is - with ice, a slice of orange, and an olive. 

You spend some time rearranging the table. There is barely space. Cause just like you, your vermut needs some company. Olives, potato chips, tinned mussels and cockles - your vermut's best friends are all here to fullfill your classic la hora del vermut. 

You pour Quim va parir! on the chips and fish, take a bite of olive and sip on your drink. 

One friend needs to leave early, but the empty seat is quickly filled by another who happened to pass by. 

The place is buzzing and the spirit is casual. A few of you take another glass as the hour goes by and the plates of snacks are emptied. 

You look at the clock and must confess, La hora del vermut has come to an end. But fear not! Now it's time for lunch...