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Pa amb tomàquet is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is easy, delicious, and informal. It is simplicity at its best.

The key to a successful pa amb tomàquet is quality products: the bread, the tomatoes, the olive oil (even the salt).

Here’s what you need:

- Bread - go for one with a thin and crispy crust and an airy crumb
- Ripe tomatoes
- Olive oil - this is where it gets serious
- Salt

Cut the bread. Some like it thin,  others thick, small, big - Depèn de tu!! Toast it.

Slice your tomatoes in half, rub them into the bread, and drizzle with olive oil. Always pick your favorite oil. Whether it’s the Lacrima Olea. Add as much as your conscience allows!

Finish with salt. Fine table salt is the go-to for many, but we love our Pa amb tomàquet with crunchy sea salt flakes. Are you up for a little extra sharpness, cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on the bread before adding the tomatoes.

Bon profit!